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Guys just a very important reminder about the BR network!

You need to do both the quick survey and reblog! It’s super easy and honestly the survey is actually quite fun! It’s important to do both. The survey is so I can get the results, otherwise I can’t add you. The reblogs are for others to see and also to add you to the draw. Likes are only counted as bookmarks. I wrote it all in the rules so hopefully everyone will be able to see and do it correctly c: Thanks so much!

A network for everyone to celebrate battle royale in all it’s glory

  • Must be following this dorito (aka me)
  • Only reblogs count as entries, likes are bookmarks only
  • Please do this survey! (don’t worry, it’s not intimating! just a few simple questions so I know who i’m adding! it’ll take 2 mins)
  • This has to reach at least 25 notes for me to start adding people (get reblogging!) or i’ll have to take it down
  • I’ll be adding 15 people to start with but later add more if it gets enough notes
  • First members will be announced on sept 1st!
what I’m looking for:
  • Someone who is a fan of battle royale (obviously!)
  • Super nice blogger
  • Any blog type is acceptable, doesn’t have to be all battle royale
if accepted:
  • A follow from me and the other members (+followers!)
  • A spot on the networks page 
  • New buddies!
  • You’ll be added to the network chat as well
  • Help with edits, promos, blogrates, selfies, etc. That’s what the tag is for!
  • You’ll need to add a link to the network somewhere on your blog if accepted (i can help if you’re not sure how!)
  • Once you’re accepted i will send you a message asking for your email so i can add you to the network chat, i’ll also ask for a square icon + short description to add to the network page (again i can help anyone with this)
  • Track the tag #thebattleroyalenetwork
  • If you’re not sure about anything or have any questions message me here and i will be happy to help, anon or not :)

Favorite Movies of All Time: Battle Royale (2000)

       ↳ “Life is a game. So fight for survival and see if you’re worth it.”


Battle Royale // random screenshots

Anonymous whispered: can you do more text post things plsss???

Yes I sure will! Ain’t nobody going to stop me or my lame humour. -R xx

                  a Battle Royale fanmix {listen}
for the kids who were born to run, but made to kill. The ones who 
lived for the thrill of a laugh, but died for the chance of a

i. Lux Aeterna: Instrumental — ii. We Must Be Killers: We must be killers, children of the wild ones // Where we got left to run? — iii. Just A Game: Is it just a game? I don’t know. // We’re all just pieces in their games. — iv. Run Boy Run: Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you. // But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run! — v. Alleyways: All of these shelves, holding the things I’ve done. // And we all grew up, shit got tough. — vi. Run: And we will step outside, checking out the coast is clear. // I think we should run, run, run, run. — vii. Bleeding Out: But innocence is gone, and what was right is wrong. // When the hour is nigh, and hopelessness is sinking in. — viii. Disparate Youth: But if we go, we go together. // Lay out the rules that we can’t break. They wanna sit and watch you wither. — ix. Atlas: Some saw the sun, some saw the smoke, some heard the gun, some bent the bow. — x. Under The Water: There’s not a time for being younger, and all my friends are enemies. // Don’t let the water drag you down. — xi. Nothing Left To Say: I’ve come too far to see the end now, even if my way is wrong. // Who knows what’s right? — xii. House On A Hill: But the children are doing fine. // Their intention is to kill, and they will, they will. 

Fangirl challenge: 2/15 Movies - Battle Royale (2000)