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Hello, eveyone in Class B! You are the lucky class chosen for this year’s Battle Royale! 

So today’s lesson is: you kill each other off… ‘till there’s only one left.

How Youth is Depicted in Battle Royale


Well, I promised that once I had my essay written, I’d upload it, and it’s all finished! Now, before you read, I just want to clarify a few things:

  • This is an essay written for an English class in college, so I had to go with some pretty boring topics IMO. The three things I chose to concentrate on were: Young people’s attitude towards the government, how ordinary things intensify in survival scenarios, and the (losing of) morality.
  • Because the essay was going to be penalized if I went over a certain number of words, I had to leave out a lot. Forgive me for my lack of insight into certain characters (“You should’ve done X as an example!”), but I honestly had to cut out a lot.
  • Please note it’s highly unlikely that my tutors ever read BR, so naturally I left out details, or I had to explain some pretty obvious things. 

Warnings out of the way, enjoy reading!

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rideinthetardiswithme whispered: your battle royale text post picture things are so amazing and beautiful and hilarious and i don't know i just adore them

Aww, you are so amazing and beautiful! Thank you so much! It’s awesome to see people like the things I make. This made my day (: -R xx

Sorry guys I know that I said I’d do my Q&A video this week but I literally just had to go get my tooth pulled out so I can’t even talk right now. I’ll try to do it as soon as my face isn’t crazy messed up and painful


Battle Royale (dir. Kinji Fukasaku)

I’m making a youtube channel this year and it’s basically going to be me doing videos on movies/shows/books I love. It’ll be like reviews/top tens/spotlights/histories, etc. I’m super excited to do it, I’ve already written out some of the scripts for what my Battle Royale videos will be, but I still have to put them into production & editing and I haven’t made nearly enough to start a channel yet. I wanted to tell everyone though because I think it’s going to be super fun when it’s all up and running. There’s not much BR related stuff out there & I’m going to be doing some for this channel, so yeah :)